Siggis ZX81 web server main page

This is the main page for the HTTP server running no more on top of Adam Dunkels' TCP/IP stack (uIP), but now using ZeddyNet. This page is served by the small web server running on a


maintained by Siggi (siggi ( at ) zx81 ( dot ) de).

You may directly access files in the Zeddies local file system, if you know their complete MEFISDOS path (drive/path/name). Otherwise start at the root directory of the drive (e.g. /d:/) and then browse the Zeddies MEFISDOS file system.

Siggis ZX81 web server no more supports virtual pages as before, because those data are no more handled by software, but inside the WIZ chip.
But other statistical data are now shown at the end of each viewed directory page.

At the end of your session load page /logout to log out.

For more information about uIP, see the uIP home page.
And of course also the ZX-Team home page.

$Date: 2021/1/9 $

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